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urša / art history student


i guess you could say that 60's and the 70's are my thing - i love the spirit of that time, the fashion and above all the music
i love quinoa.

it’s the best! i always liked bulgur but i can’t eat it because it contains gluten and then i found quinoa and it’s so much better anyways 

my dinner: 

quinoa with summer squash curry 

it’s soooooooooooooo good

Me:What is this "ALT + reblog button" nonsense?
Me:Oh. My. God. This is amazing.

My friend told me yesterday that there is this “small” festival in this coastal Croatian city and if we’d go cause The Vaccines are playing (and it’s just 3 hour car drive from home)  … what she didn’t tell me was that fucking Horrors are going to be there too! And The Xx and The Roots and bunch of others!

Best part: ticket is 50€. Honestly, i can’t believe that! 

The Kills Getting Down

3 more months and i’m going to be getting down with them awyeababy

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i hate you, body of mine for punishing me with an hangover like today