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urša / art history student


i guess you could say that 60's and the 70's are my thing - i love the spirit of that time, the fashion and above all the music

Yeah we still do, but now mostly via fanmail… but i have to admit we don’t make up those ridiculous and delinquent theories we used to (those were fantastic), i can’t keep the track of her to be honest 

We still have plenty of our disturbed minds unexplored, don’t worry anon 

i just came from the cinema but i’m too embarrassed to  tell you which movie did i watch 

i love quinoa.

it’s the best! i always liked bulgur but i can’t eat it because it contains gluten and then i found quinoa and it’s so much better anyways 

my dinner: 

quinoa with summer squash curry 

it’s soooooooooooooo good

Me:What is this "ALT + reblog button" nonsense?
Me:Oh. My. God. This is amazing.