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urša / art history student


i guess you could say that 60's and the 70's are my thing - i love the spirit of that time, the fashion and above all the music
christopherok replied to your post: unpopular
Good music though.

The good part of the line-up is good, but there is butload of bad as well.

I HATE Coachella 

It’s not a music fastival, but a poser one - rich kids pretending they are hippies.

 it’s so Americanized emhsdfasgffgds 

It’s titled unpopular so…


It would be so unfair to really say because all the blogs i follow i do because i like what they post and not because i feel obligated to follow back (ok even though i sometimes forgot to check out new followers and i probably miss(ed) out on few great ones). 

But to give you an answer:

- Barbara and Denie because i talk to them the most (especially the British delinquent twat)

-Mildredmildred and Cavetocanvas for inspiration and aesthetics.

And many many others. Really, just everyone i reblog and like

one country at a time viking

hur hur hur!!