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urša / art history student


i guess you could say that 60's and the 70's are my thing - i love the spirit of that time, the fashion and above all the music

my headaches these days are MONSTROUS 

innocent pretty person: aw look at that wonderful person studying her books i bet she’s nice: ursa: *rage sexting behind books* LOOK OMFG HE’S BREATHING UNF SEX me: slaps face thousands of miles away across cyber space in complete gpoy

pretty much yeah 

saw a magnificent guy today - he was on an old black bike, he wore purple pants and had crazy hair and an angelic face - i almost melted 

xgfdcccccgjcgtcgc inadvertent platonic sexting omg

poor guys, they have no idea 

why i love my friends
(me and my friend texting each other from different libraries about hot guys)
me:he took of his jumper and his magnificent locks have bounced with the movement
friend:either you have a talent for short erotic stories or i get now turned on by every crap